The Biggest Bear is a middle grade adventure/fantasy story that will engage readers of all ages.

A teenage girl, her grandfather, an ancient myth, a secret past, a plan to dominate the lives of an entire village, and a dream that can make all the difference.

14 year old Emilia handily manages bullies at school, much to her own surprise, but the adults who evade her questions make her crazy! When she stumbles on the truth about the controlling coffee conglomerate – the one that just happens to employ everyone in town – she realizes just how much damage they’re about to do. Her whole life might disappear if she can’t get anyone to listen. Plus, she can’t sleep – dreams about the bear both frighten and exhilarate her!

When Emilia loses the one thing she loves most – her garden, she turns to her grandfather, Anzi, who has a special kind of sight that’s revealed in his sparkling eyes. Emilia’s passionate and unrelenting quest for truth leads them both through an extraordinary journey into the past where she discovers a concealed history, a dark secret, and the special power that her dreams have been trying to reveal. What will this mean to her budding crush on Miguel? Can she trust him with the truth? Join the adventure and find out what happens when you say ‘yes’ to the hidden secret of yourself!

The Biggest Bear is an inspiring, joyful, coming of age story that will take you inside the dream of yourself and wake you up refreshed. Join Emilia, Anzi, Miguel, and Calista on a mystical adventure with just enough magic to leave you with the hope and courage to Be the Bear!

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Join Emilia on her journey with Anzi and Calista to discover the Biggest Bear!

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Get to know Emilia, her garden, her parents, her village and her school mates.

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If someone stole the one thing you loved most, what would you do?

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“This is a story that needs to be told!”

Kathryn K
Reader Quote

“I could not put your book down!”

Sue M

“Your writing is beautiful and I hold it very close to my heart.”

Larissa S
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“Solid Writing.”

Geof H

My friend Ariel Zevon has inadvertently written a theme song for Emilia’s Journey

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