Hi – I’m Paul. I was that kid in high school who always had a notepad, a pen, and an ink stain in his back pocket. I didn’t talk much, but I noticed everything, and I took notes. Any and all randomness was entered in ink and I’m still amazed at how a single word can turn into a gusher leaking out of my pen.

I live off-grid, powered by sun, wind, and wood, surrounded by nature in a (very) quiet Vermont town.  The quiet allows thoughts, bits of news, observations, musings, insights, and dreams to coalesce into a story – if I can catch it. The Biggest Bear was born from the seed of a dream and built itself out over many years around a growing cast of characters.

My fiction writing focuses on the parts of human nature that explore how we come into our true selves with all the tension, passion, fear, and insecurity we all sometimes feel. Our best selves are borne of passion and struggle, either internal or external (usually both), mixed with an honest desire to reach higher ground and create something positive to give back to the world.

In my writing, in life , I try to offer a more grounded view of a very tangled world, something based on what we all connect to, what we all feel deeply, rather than what we react to superficially. We humans strive for some ultimate, intimate, authentic connection to each other and I believe we can share that through our best creative work, music, art, writing, anything that makes us feel truly alive inside. I look forward to the constantly unfolding Art of You and of Me!

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About SunLightning

Creativity flashes like lightning with the brilliance of sunlight. Uncontrolled, uncontained, unfettered, but filtered – through you, through me – to land on the pages and instruments and canvases we hold in our hands. Masculine and feminine elements combine to give birth to something new, born of imagination.

The piece in this image is an original design, cast in bronze. It is the official logo of SunLightning Creations.

Contact: PaulJay at sunlightning.com

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